A Tinder Match That Lasts

Our line of wood-styled vinyl decking isn’t just popular, it’s stylish and trend-defying, making your decision to choose wood a choice you will never regret. Inspired by natural trends and warm accents, Valordek’s line of wood-styled vinyl will help define your home for years to come. 


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Accentuating Your Style

Having a waterproof deck shouldn’t mean a sacrifice in style or quality. Valordek is a revolutionary vinyl product that transforms your deck stylishly and reliably, while saving you time and money. Our exclusive line of wood-styled vinyl gives you a compatible and quality solution no matter what your application is. 

We want your deck to look good, but at Valordek, we don’t stop there. Valordek vinyl decking is designed to withstand structural movement without cracking, remain pliable in extreme temperatures, and make problems like rotting, warping, or cracking a thing of the past. We boldly go where others fear, meeting exacting CCMC roofing standards and easing the burden of maintenance and installation. 


With a variety of exclusive wood-styled finishes to choose from, Valordek vinyl decking compliments the character and location of your home. From east to west, we have a solution for you. 

Walnut Plank
Walnut Plank
Ash Plank
Ash Plank


Interested in installing Valordek yourself? Vinyl deck installation requires several specific tools, but don’t worry—we’re here to help.